Let BPOSeats.com Help you Jumpstart your Call Center Business!

The rising trend in call centers is definitely a calling for more vacancies in offices for these companies to reside in. With Cebu currently being one of the cities with foreseen increase in outsourcing / call center investment, there has to be more space available for occupancy for these companies to locate. Thankfully, there’s BPOSeats.com that helps these companies grow.

Call centers are encouraged to check out BPOSeats.com as they help out in gearing your company for progress and success. With state-of-the-art PEZA accredit facilities and 24/7 access to amenities, your company is guaranteed to run even without your physical presence. They offer 24/7 IT assistance as well as security, to make sure technical and safety issues never get out of control.

A call center will need an open work space for agents, with work stations that include a computer for, a telephone set/headset connected to a telecom switch and a high speed internet connection. Various kind of call centers in the Philippines utilizes various technologies for serving their customers in much better possible way.

BPOSeats.com is complete in these equipments as well. With a speed of 100 mbps, internet connection will not become a problem.

BPOSeats.com’s complete basic features include:

  • Brand New Facilities and Computers
  • Office Chairs
  • Cubicle setup with Sound Control
  • Aircon
  • 24/7 Security
  • 24/7 IT Support
  • Electricity
  • 100 MBPS Fibr Optic Internet Connection

To know more about our services or for any clarifications, write to us at amanda@bposeats.com or call us at +639159507909 now and let our expertise help you navigate and jumpstart your call center business!

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