It is challenging to launch an organization, as company owner need to think about methods to obtain business began with little money. The issue ends up being more huge if business needs employees and a work area, it would completely be illogical for a start up company to attempt in building a structure, that is why seat leasing services can be found in useful. Seat leasing offers services a workstation or an office from which they can run for lease. To put it simply, seat leasing is a affordable and cost-efficient method to run a company that requires a work area.

The majority of seat leasing business have high quality centers, which are complimentary for the business that requires the leased area to utilize. Organizations can lease the workplace suites and use it for an amount of time, depending upon the contract with the seat renting business. This option is really useful for small to medium size or those start up companies.

SEAT LEASING IN CEBU offers seat leasing and call center offices in Cebu. On top of having 4,000 seats, they supply a 24/7 exclusive access to four prime locations (JDN IT Center AS fortuna, O’Nael Bldg Capitol, GAGFA Tower Panagdait, ACC Tower Cebu Business Park) in each of our clients along with a 100 mbps fiber optic connection, PEZA accredited facilities and 24/7 IT Support. These services will truly make your company grow and succeed in the fastest, safest possible way.

These four locations lies in the heart of Cebu, providing simple access to transportation in addition to commercial establishments and food options both for companies and workers.

Our pricing is the most competitive option not just in Cebu but in the Philippines. So if you or someone you know is looking to setup a BPO or call center office, you need to be working with! Contact us today!


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