BPOSeats.com Call Center Office For Lease Solutions in Cebu

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To еѕtаbliѕh уоur оwn call center company, it requires lot of endeavor and spending out hugе аmоunt оf mоnеу fоr you tо start up уоur business ореrаtiоnѕ. If you’re a business owner and уоu соnѕidеr ѕеtting uр уоur own саll center in Cebu, BPOSeats.com is the right provider. We have over 100 exclusive office and 4,000+ seats for lease, ready to show you!

Get to know BPOSeats.com

Positioned itself to be the number one BPO Solution, Call Center Office, Serviced Office and Seat Leasing option in Cebu, BPOSeats.com provides its clients with the most highly experienced, dedicated employees coupled with their brand new PEZA accredited facilities that use only the fastest 100mbps+ FIBER OPTIC Internet Connections available at the most affordable prices around.

Companies that need call center seats can now avail of packages where they can accommodate your needs – from 6 seats to 1000. BPOSeats.com knows that in this industry, a company should have the best up-to date technology, at the same time being cost-efficient and flexible in terms of resources. Availing of their seat leasing services will become one of the most practical ways in handling your BPO company.

Their facilities are located in major points in the city. Over 3 locations can be placed for your lease here in Metro Cebu so you won’t worry about accessibility.

  • GAGFA Tower, Panagdait Mabolo near Sykes
  • JDN IT Square Center, AS Fortuna Banilad Mandaue near Oakridge Business Park
  • ACC Tower, Ayala Center Cebu Business Park

To know more about our services or for any clarifications, write to us at amanda@bposeats.com or call us at +639159507909 now!

BPOSeats.com Call Center Office For Lease Solutions in Cebu
BPOSeats.com Call Center Office For Lease Solutions in Cebu

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