The current trend in the BPO industry today is called Seat Leasing.

What exactly does this trend mean? Seat leasing is one of the most clever option that is very popular in the industry. Companies can save loads of time and money without sacrificing quality services. This is a very ideal setup for foreign and local BPOs and call center companies setting up business operations in Cebu City.

Below are two main reasons why this option is gaining popularity to business owners:

Seat leasing provides a total service to any small to medium or startup companies.  Entrepreneurs will have the ability to have more time in their hands to deal with the most crucial things. Depending upon one’s specific requirements, company owner can take a variety of seats from 10 to 1,000 with extremely trained representatives going to for his/her client’s issues 24/7.

Engaging straight the services of an excellent quality BPO business is much more useful and expense less than employing your very own client service group. In addition, as company owner, you not need to handle them and go through the inconvenience of training them for the task and purchasing extra workplace devices.

Seat Leasing in Cebu offers affordable and flexible seat leasing solutions. With over 4,000 seats spread across three good locations in Cebu ( GAGFA Tower, ACC Tower, and JDN IT Square Center), is known as the largest and most trusted seat leasing provider in the city.

They provide their clients with the most highly experienced and dedicated employees, coupled with a brand new PEZA accredited facilities that use only the fastest 100mpbs+ FIBER OPTIC internet connections which are available at the most available price around.

For additional information, please send them an email at or check out the website at today! Seat Leasing Stations in Cebu


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