Efficient Leasing for your Call Center Business

Most call centers usually run a small-campaign at the beginning. Coping with the large demand for expanding operations would be difficult for them. They’ll be needing a work space large enough to accommodate the extra campaigns needed to run. Campaigns will only get bigger in a span of time. Acquiring a large office space suitable to your company’s need is applicable. You can reduce the cost for your leasing expenses by simply taking a lease in BPOSeats.com. We are aiming to ease the burden of renting out your own space. Seat leasing is a great alternative for your call center business.

Low monthly rates starting at $139 are available for clients. Neat and functional office spaces are ready to serve you. Leasing services for call centers doesn’t have to be expensive. Take up one of our leasing packages and experience it for yourself. Facilities, equipment, space modifications, cleaning services, internet, equipment, technical support and even electricity are part of the bundle/package we provide.

Flexibility and efficiency is guaranteed once you take up a lease with us. Facilities are PEZA-accredited and office spaces can be modified without the extra cost. Even the flooring can be altered to suit your taste. Wall paintings can be arranged as well. Blazing speeds of 100 mbps+ internet connection await our clients.

BPOSeats.com continues to grow as one of the leading and the largest provider in the seat leasing industry. Avail of the 4, 000+ seats we have now and be part of our growing company!


If efficient leasing is what you’re after, BPOSeats.com will provide you the best service! Contact us today!



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