One-of-a-kind Call Center Office Space for Lease in Cebu City

For small to medium size business owners or startup companies, finding an ideal office space for call center isn’t really as simple as it might be. There are a lot of people are at excited about discovering their new place, up until they recognize how lengthy and expensive it ends up being. There are  things to think about, such as for how long will their business exist and the expenses.

The standard method of discovering an office space has actually persistently been asking around to your friends, search in classified ads etc. but this can take a very long time. As soon as an appropriate workplace lies, there are countless expenses that needs to be handled such as buying furnishings, computer systems, printers, chairs, tables and install internet connection and so on. The total cash it requires to get a workplace running can damage business prior to you even get relocated.

Luckily, call center office space for lease is offered by many companies in the city.

Office spaces are totally geared up with furnishings and devices, internet connections, and all the things require. Some providers offers conference or meeting room. Most importantly, you can get office in prime locations like Cebu Business Park and other prominent service centers.


We are the LARGEST and MOST TRUSTED seat leasing and call center office space provider in Cebu. We have over 4,000 seats spread across 3 locations in the city: GAGFA Tower, ACC Tower, and JDN IT Square Center.

What makes one-of-a-kind is that we give our clients the options they need that would best suit their business and also we offer personalized offices without extra/hidden charges. With the high demand of operating in a more affordable set-up, a variety of organizations understood the benefits of call facility office seat leasing and the evident demand for more efficient and reliable process of establishing a BPO company.

So if you are looking for the best call center office space provider in Cebu, Choose now!


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