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Seat Leasing for your Call Center in Cebu

What is Seat Leasing for Call Centers?

It is a brand new alternative that is taking over the BPO industry in Cebu. A lot of companies from other countries such as Singapore, Australia, UK, US and a lot more are opting to this option.

Companies such as local or foreign will lease a particular number of seats within a shared or exclusive workplace. These workplaces are completely geared up with all the devices, workstations, and amenities such as brand new computer systems, office chairs, high speed internet connect that the lessee and his workers can utilize.

There are countless reasons that organizations choose to lease seats. The main is expense savings. Organizations, particularly startup companies, will gain from the lowered expenditures without needing to jeopardize the quality of their work space.

A lot of seat leasing providers in Cebu have their own administrative and IT personnel that will take manage their particular jobs. Business owners do not need to pay additional for their staff members to take advantage of their services, as the lease cost currently consists of these.

Whether the company decide to broaden or diminish your labor force, doing so will be a lot simpler with seat leasing. They can rent any variety of seats that they require, be it 1 or 1000.


BPOSeats.com offers the best seat leasing/call center office options in Cebu. We have over 4,000 seats spread across 3 different locations such as GAGFA Tower in Panagdait Mabolo, JDN IT Square Center in Banilad Mandaue, and ACC Tower in Cebu Business Park Ayala.

We create unique offices that you can operate privately inside, without being on a “shared” floor with other campaigns or businesses. So whether you’re leasing seats for your call center, or asking us to run your campaign, rest assured you will have the most professional exclusive environment for your business to bloom!

Give us a call today and see what we can do for you at BPOSeats.com! +63 915 950 7909

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