Business activities and functions such as technical support and back-office functions including recruitment, payroll, IT services and billing are being done by a third-party provider. Service providers who can offer support for non-primary business functions are given opportunities to operate a certain aspect of their business.  Many companies have chosen to set up here due to its accessibility and competency. stands as the #1 BPO Solution in Cebu. Expect high quality office spaces, efficient and functional for use.  Companies prefer to have this kind of setup due it’s efficiency and ease of transaction. Save your money for something else rather spending it on expensive rental fees.  Process outsourcing companies can confidently operate their business without worrying about the expenses for overhead. An excellent back office support and flexible seat leasing options are given in

Setting up a call center should be easy as ABC! Yes you got it right. Lease an office space which provides everything you need in running your call center business. It’s that easy! Go for BPOSeats for your leasing needs. is set to become the best BPO Solution, Call Center Office, Serviced Office and Seat Leasing option in the Philippines. Over 4,000 seats are available for lease. Choose an ideal location for your business from the 3 facilities we have in Metro Cebu.

If a good deal in leasing is what you’re looking for, BPOSeats is the best place to start! Make the right decision by giving us a call now. Price starts at $130 per seat! We make sure our clients get the best out of what they have paid for!

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