Cebu’s Most Trusted Seat Leasing and Call Center Office for Lease Company

We are Cebu’s most trusted business when it pertains to services like seat leasing, office hire, call center office for lease, recruitment and staffing, payroll and business creation, technical support, and VOIP services. With over 4,000 seats, we presented ourselves as the most ideal option when it comes to these services and has been serving over 100+ companies for more than 4 years now.

At, offices are not shared with the other tenants. So you can work privately inside your office without having to sacrifice any semblance of privacy as you go through your daily operations. Our cost is rather inexpensive and if you need a great environment to highlight the very best and maximum efficiency in your personnel, we are your best choice.

We supply you with over 100+ exclusive 24/7 workplaces throughout 4 places:

  • ACC Tower, Cebu Business Park Ayala on top of H&M across Ayala Terminal
  • GAGFA Tower, Panagdait Mabolo near Sykes
  • JDN IT Square Center, AS Fortuna Banilad Mandaue near Oakridge Business Park
  • i1 Building, IT Park Lahug across Burger King next door to Bo’s Coffee

How are we different? Why choose us?

  • We have many leasing affordable and flexible options to choose from. For the contracts, you get to choose for how long you can stick with us. Seats can range from 5 even up to 1,000.
  • We provide a comfortable environment that can help your workers become quality performers and boost in their motivation.
  • Facilities operating at our sites are constantly upgraded to keep up with today’s modernity. Tools and equipment for your office are constantly upgraded to remain competitive.
  • Sites available for lease can be located in four major locations around Metro Cebu. Location of our facilities are accessible to anyone and situated near shopping centers, coffee shops, dining establishments, hospitals, drug stores, and living options.
  • Office spaces can be modified to a specific size with 24/7 operational capabilities. Rooms for specific needs can be added within your offices to maximize the space you have.
  • Troubleshooting would never a problem. IT support is always ready to assist you with your server issues or other tech concerns.

If a good deal in leasing is what you’re looking for, BPOSeats is the best place to start! Avail all these great perks for a very low monthly rate starting at $130.

Contact us! // +63 915 950 7909 //

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