Exactly What is Seat Leasing and Why BPOSeats.com is the King

When it comes to handling your business’s resources, every dollar counts. This suggests trying to find affordable alternatives whenever possible.

Today, organizations even have the ways to contract out services locally and even overseas. Nevertheless, even contracting out organization procedures like these can be pricey, particularly for smaller sized services or those startups. For these businesses, seat leasing might be a fantastic option.

What is Seat Leasing?

Seat leasing has taken the BPO world by storm. This alternative allows BPO firms to anticipate the cost needed to run their campaigns. Additionally, you can rent private seats for your very own staff members and pay on a month-to-month basis.

Seat Leasing King of Metro Cebu


On top of having 4,000 seats in Cebu and Mandaue, BPOSeats.com offers a 24/7 exclusive access to four locations in each of our clients along with a 100 Mbps fiber optic connection, PEZA accredited facilities, professional chairs, cubicles, 24/7 IT Support, and security. These services will truly make your company grow and succeed in the fastest, safest possible way.

What makes our offer more exciting and different compared to other providers is the customization we bring to different clients. Our seat leasing packages allow you to maximize your resources while enjoying the benefits of having a well-equipped workspace.

  • The seat starts at $130 per seat monthly
  • Location of our facilities is accessible to anyone: GAGFA Tower in Panagdait Mabolo, ACC Tower in Cebu Business Park Ayala, JDN IT Square Center in AS Fortuna Banilad Mandaue, and i1 Building in IT Park Lahug.
  • Facilities are fully-accredited by PEZA to ensure to maximum performance for your operation.
  • Our staff and crew are more than ready and capable to assist you in providing you with your needs in running your campaigns.
  • Our seat leasing options are tailor-made for clients who are looking for a cost-efficient method of acquiring a space.
  • Exclusivity is guaranteed to our clients. Work privately right inside the vicinity of your own office.

If you’re on the lookout for the best seat leasing services available out there today, look no further, BPOSeats.com has got you covered!


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