BPOSeats.com Seat Leasing Stations in Cebu

Why Our Seat Leasing Services Stand Out From The Rest

Seat leasing provides a cheaper alternative in acquiring a space for their company. Quality office spaces coupled with other amenities essential in making the workplace conducive. Have your space customized the way you want them to be. BPOSeats is knowledgeable about how the BPO industry works. BPOSeats.com takes it to the next level. BPOSeats is different from other companies. Serviced offices are done with a more personal touch as we try to incorporate your needs to your office space. Doing this allows you to make good use of your office space.  Facilities include high-speed internet and free use of computers.

Seat leasing services we offer stand out from the rest. Add up to that our certified years of experience. BPOSeats.com is the fastest seat leasing service provider in all of Cebu, with over 4 years of experience. Over 4,000 seats spread across 4 locations around Metro Cebu. Facilities across 4 locations are certified PEZA accredited. Facilities have the fastest internet connection available today. Dual service providers are overseeing our internet facilities. Fast internet connection is made possible by hooking up our systems to dual service providers. Terms for the length for the duration of your lease in flexible. Clients get to decide how long they wish to stay. Forcing you to keep going isn’t exactly how we envision running our business. Terms are highly flexible. And the number of seats you can avail can range from 5 or even a thousand.

We have over 4,000+ seats available spread across 4 sites around Metro Cebu. Do not burden yourself from the many expenses of renting a commercial space on your own. Pay only for a low monthly are starting at $130 and everything is setup for you!

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