BPOSeats.com: A Seat Leasing Company In The Metro

One choice that’s been extremely well-known with business owners nowadays is what we call Seat Leasing. It is a service that brings convenience to business owners. This service makes BPOs faster and easier to start business with and it is the most practical alternative they can have and with BPOSeats.com, you can get this choice with no trouble.

Who Are We

BPOSeats.com is the #1 BPO Solutions and Seat Leasing company in the Metro. We have over 4,000 seats across 4 facilities in Cebu. We can accommodate clients that are in need of 5 seats to 1,000 seats. We offer exclusive 24/7 seat leasing offices to each of our clients and our price per seats starts at $130

We have over 100+ clients and these companies have entrusted BPOSeats.com as their sole provider for their leased office spaces. Clients are fascinated with our excellent service. Our reputation as the #1 and most trusted leasing provider has been going strong for over 5 years now.

What they like about us is that we build an environment for your business to thrive on at a reasonable price. Workplaces can be customized inning accordance with size and design. Our 4 PEZA Accredited centers are continuously updated to stay up to date with global requirements.

Aside from seat leasing, we also offer other BPO services like Office Space Rental, Call Center Office for Lease, Office Hire, Payroll and Business Creation, Recruitment and Staffing, Technical Support, Virtual Assistants, and VOIP Services.

So if you want to know more about our services, please do not hesitate to contact us today. We ensure you, we offer exactly what’s suitable for your service and offer you the kind of workplace you truly desire!


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