Seat Leasing Bundles Made Efficient By

Seat leasing bundles typically consist of using brand new computer systems, desk and chairs for workstations, robust web connection and training/conference rooms. Likewise, business using seat leasing have backup systems to guarantee organization connection whenever failures or power loss takes place. can offer  your company a services that accommodates your requirements. Our well-run 3 PEZA Accredited facilities situated in 3 of the very best locations in Cebu are offered for seat leasing at budget friendly rates.’s seat lease bundle consists of the basics had to get your desired endeavor totally functional: fully-furnished work stations with 100 MBPS Fibr optic internet connection, computers with powerful specifications, large flat screen computer monitors, professional office chairs, desk with sound dampening carpeted, 24/7 IT assistance, professional custodial services, 24/7 security, 24/7 backup generators, and drop down acoustic ceilings.

We can also change the look of your office the way you envisioned it to be. Adding more rooms suited to your specific demands are given for each clients.  No extra cost shall be spent for all these services. Air conditioning, furnishings, and brand new computers are even included in the package that starts at $130. IT support is always on standby to guide you during server issues or tech problems.

We are the MOST TRUSTED and the LARGEST seat leasing provider in Cebu that has never failed to give BPO companies the right services. We have over 4, 000 seats for you to avail. For more info, please do not hesitate to give us a call at 09159507909 or email at


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