Ideal Call Center Location for Outsourcers

The Philippines, a Southeast Asian country in the Western Pacific is currently known as the call center capital of the world.  It is presently the home of a number of significant accounts such as Telstra and Virgin. With its abundant culture, a large pool of educated individuals, lower living and labor expenses, the Philippines has become the ideal location for many outsourcing companies.

After all, business outsourcers especially those small to medium sized or startups is to decrease expenses without compromising service quality.

Listed below are some specific reasons why the Philippines is the ideal choice for many outsourcing companies:

  • With Filipinos, there is likewise less require for culture training since most Filipinos are more exposed to the Western culture so this makes it much easier for them to connect to clients, who are typically from the United States or Canada.
  • Filipino workers are efficient in utilizing conversational English with a neutral accent, making them simpler to interact and comprehend with. In fact, the Philippines is still the third-largest English-speaking country in the world.
  • The Philippines’ business style and model are mostly patterned after the United States.
  • Call center office leasing, payment for electricity and internet connection, and as well as expenses for labor are lower compared to other countries. One company that offers exceptional service with a very affordable price is

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