Seat Leasing for your Newly Setup Business


Launching your own business requires naturally, a great deal of significant headache-causing procedures like setting up a workplace, buying brand-new devices and furnishings, setting up security, upkeep, hiring personnel, and the long list continues. Going through all of these implies investing many expenses, and prior to you have your facilities developed, you may simply lack the spending plan to obtain these tiresome jobs finished.

That is why a lot of entrepreneurs nowadays have actually begun locking on to seat leasing services because it is hassle-free and cost-saving. Below are some advantages of this option:

  • This option implies a great deal of cost savings. More than anything else, the real primary benefit is it can conserve your capital required in installing a workplace.
  • There’s no requirement for you to fret about substantial in advance capital so you can begin your operation at ease when you choose to lease seats.
  • Among the crucial consider making service grow proficiently transcends devices and centers. Seat leasing providers offer companies with a complete bundle from brand-new computer systems, quick web connection, generators in-case of power loss, professional office chairs, cubicles, and IT personnel.
  • The majority of leasing business run and operates 24/7, so it is no issue if you choose among these three shifts: dayshift, mid-shift, or night shift, specifically for your call center operation.

With all those discussed above, you can see how versatile and hassle-free seat leasing is for whatever kind of organization you have. And with, we have 4000+ seats available across four facilities in Cebu for seat leasing with prices beginning at $130 a seat for 24/7 exclusive access to your station. Seat Leasing Stations in Cebu

Four PEZA accredited facilities:

  • GAGFA Tower, Mabolo
  • ACC Tower, Cebu Business Park
  • i1 Building, Cebu IT Park
  • JDN IT Square Center, Banilad Mandaue

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