BPOSeats.com, A Seat Leasing Service Worth Partnering With

BPOseats.com is the #1 seat leasing provider in Cebu with over 4,000 seats across four prime locations: Ayala ACC Tower, GAGFA Tower,  JDN Square IT Center Office, and Block, I1, IT Park. All four facilities are completely geared up and all laid out fully furnished so clients do not need to fret about.

With over 100+ BPO companies they are now currently serving, BPOSeats.com continues to prove they are worth trusted and partnered with. What’s good is that they give their clients options to grow and acquire more seats, whether exclusive or not.

BPOSeats.com now offers more than just call center office spaces. They make a provider more than just a provider.

Aside from the obvious features:

  • 24/7/365 Backup Generator to avoid service-interruptions
  • Electricity Included in Price
  • Free Use of conference rooms
  • Free Use of Training rooms (2 on site)
  • Free Parking (very large parking lot)
  • Free Guards
  • Professional cleaning by licensed custodian service (common areas)
  • Walls carpeted for sound proofing
  • Drop-down Acoustic Ceiling
  • Cubicles carpeted for sound reduction
  • Brand new professional office chairs

BPOSeats.com also does:

  • Payroll and Business Creation
  • Recruitment and Staffing
  • Technical Support
  • VOIP Services

You can never really go wrong with their services. They go above and beyond to make sure they help you grow and become a big company as you desire.

For more info, contact us with amanda@bposeats.com today!


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