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A Seat Leasing Offer That’s Worth the Price. BPO in 2020

There are not a lot of seat leasing companies here in Cebu. More than that, there are not a lot of seat leasing providers whose services are worth the price. With BPOSeats.com though, the offers are definitely worth the price. Why?

Here are the amenities:

  • 100mbps+ Fiber Optic internet connections (RISE and PLDT)
  • Cubicle setup with Sound Control
  • Brand new Facilities and Computers
  • Office Chairs
  • 24/7 Security
  • IT Support
  • Aircon
  • Electricity

Specific inclusions per seat are:

  • Brand new professional office chairs
  • Sound proofed cubicles for sound reductions
  • 100 mbps Fiber optic internet connection
  • brand new computers
  • Air condition
  • Free electricity
  • full-time backup generators to avoid service interruptions
  • Free use of the conference rooms
  • professional cleaners

This is a deal no one could possibly pass on. At a current rate of $130 per seat, you can never go wrong. This offer also doesn’t choke you up. It’s flexible, convenient and most importantly, works 24/7.

If you choose BPOSeats.com to be a partner in your leasing/rental needs, you are in good hands. If you are thinking about expanding your own BPO business, now is the right time to contact them. BPOSeats has been tirelessly operating for over 5 years now. Aside from leasing services, several more BPO solutions are underway, such as an extended service like recruitment! BPOSeats pursuits the most innovative ideas and solutions for the necessary growth and development of BPO companies.

Make a deal with no year-long lock-up. Give us a call now and let’s start moving you in!


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