A Seat Leasing Provider Committed To Better Service

BPOSeats.com can give you more than just an office space to work. BPOSeats also offers more seats for larger and expanded campaigns which gives room for growth. BPOSeats has full amenities included without extra hidden charges. BPOSeats has 24/7 back-up support to assist you in technical issues. BPOSeats have over 6 PEZA-Accredited prime locations to choose from. Lastly, BPOSeats is now onto 10,000 seats, proving they are a service worth trusting and partnering with.

These are just some of the facts as to why any BPO company should lease with BPOSeats.com. A seat leasing provider committed to better service and more facilities.

Aside from leasing services, several BPO solutions are underway. BPOSeats relentlessly pursuits the most innovative ideas and solutions for the necessary growth and development of BPO companies.  BPOSeats have launched an innovative recruitment hub located in APM Mall in North Reclamation, Mabolo. With this new type of service, manpower and staffing needs of our clients are met. In this process, we take out the hassle of sourcing out applicants for your job vacancies. We act as a bridge between the applicant and their future employers. Clients will only have to choose among thousands of recorded interviews on our website.  Staffing becomes less complicated with clients.

These and so many more plans are underway for BPOSeats.com. They are only getting bigger and bigger. To know more about services, contact us now!

BPOSeats.com Seat Leasing Stations in Cebu
BPOSeats.com Seat Leasing Stations in Cebu


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