A Call Center Office for Lease Provider Like No Other

There are a variety of alternatives that organizations can pick from to establish their so-called call center operations. For a business that have the resources, they can establish the essential facilities for it. On the other hand, smaller sized companies can likewise utilize current advancements in innovation to assist them to establish their own call center company.

Among the very first things that a company owner must think about are expenses needed for its operations such as office space leasing, electricity bills, devices, furnishings, and even the internet connection.

Thankfully, there is one company in Cebu that offers a very affordable office for leasing that is very ideal especially for startups or small to medium-sized companies.

BPOSeats.com started five years ago and has already garnered totaling 10,000 seats spread across six prime locations in the country. All facilities are PEZA accredited and are fully-equipped with all the devices needed for your operations.

  • Ayala ACC Tower, Cebu
  • eBloc4, IT Park, Cebu
  • i1, IT Park, Cebu
  • GAGFA Tower, Cebu
  • JDN Square, Mandaue
  • Marquee Mall, Pampanga

Leasing options with BPOSeats.om are flexible wherein other providers would lock you up. Deals like these offer plenty of room for other developments instead of spending a fortune on the lease. Let us worry about the upkeep, and utility bills while you only pay a low monthly rate starting at $130. You can lease up to 1,000 seats for your new call center office.

We can assure you that we offer more than just leasing. Essential tools and equipment needed for your campaign’s operation are provided such as brand new computers, office chairs, cubic Mbps fiber optic internet connection.

For more info, please visit our website at https://callcenteroffice.bposeats.com/

or you may send us an email at amanda@bposeats.com or call us at 09159507909

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