Some Tips When Leasing an Office for your Call Center

For most business owners especially for startups, it can be a bit confusing for them to choose whether they buy their own property or lease an office space as it entails a big responsibility. So before you sign that contract, here are some tips business owners need to remember:

First and foremost, discover a secure structure. To keep you and your workers and your devices safe and secure, check out if the structure has a security personnel that’s on duty round the clock.

Secondly, consider the area and its neighboring facilities as this might affect your choice. Your workers will likely value a workplace that’s at least rather near to shopping centers, coffee shops, dining and entertainment options. And if there are specific locations you have to check out frequently for company functions, like conference areas or banks, you’ll desire those to be neighboring also.

Third and one of the most important to consider is the cost. There are plenty of monthly costs that you need to ensure and ask the service provider if its already part of priced quote lease such as the utilities like water, electricity, and, internet connection, telephone. As well as the office furnishings, and devices needed like computers, chairs, and so on.

Lastly, select an area that fits your group. Obviously, you will require a big adequate area for your workers to have a desk or location to sit. However, you do not desire something so big that you’re spending for whole spaces that you never ever utilize.

AT A GLANCE:, Cebu’s largest seat leasing, and serviced workplace provider have already grown to 6 locations totaling over 10,000 seats:

  • Ayala ACC Tower, Cebu
  • eBloc4, IT Park, Cebu
  • i1, IT Park, Cebu
  • GAGFA Tower, Cebu
  • JDN Square, Mandaue
  • Marquee Mall, Pampanga has paved the way for a cost-efficient method of renting facilities for BPO and call center that starts at $130 per seat monthly. To know more about it, please contact us directly at or 09159507909

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