BPOSeats.com Call Center Office For Lease Solutions in Cebu

Low Monthly Rate Call Center Office Space Services

Leasing an office is a primary issue for lots of call center businesses. Besides the impact of the expense of office lease, there are numerous other essential aspects. Some crucial aspects that contribute to office choice is a complete satisfaction of the staff members, constraints for development, and some others.

For many startup businesses, they usually ask themselves, purchase or rent a workplace. This is a concern that every organization needs to think about thoroughly. The future is definitely unsure, so it is vital that business owners thoroughly studies the advantages and disadvantages of renting or purchasing office.

To obtain a reasonable offer, it is essential to have a provider who understands and knows the existing market pattern and any other important details. A veteran service provider like BPOSeats.com can effectively get you an extremely ideal offer.

BPOSeats.com makes it possible for BPO companies to grow their operations without having to break the bank. For a low monthly rate if $130 per seat, call center companies get to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Facilities are modern and regularly updated to keep up with today’s standards.
  • Capable equipment and not some second-rate tools.
  • 100 Mbps fiber optic internet connection (3 Isps: Globe, RISE, PLDT)
  • 24/7 IT assistance, security
  • 24/7/365 Backup Generator to avoid service-interruptions
  • Drop-down acoustic Ceiling
  • Cubicles carpeted for sound reduction
  • Options are tailor-made to clients who are looking for a cost-efficient method of acquiring a space.
  • Companies can lease five seats or even up to a thousand.
  • Exclusive office setups with 24/7 operational capabilities.
  • Absolutely NO long-term contracts.
  • Choose among  10,000 seats spread across our six prime locations (ACC Tower, i1 Bldg/eBloc4 IT Park Cebu, GAGFA Tower, JDN Square Banilad Mandaue, and Marquee Mall Pampanga)

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