That feeling when you desire nothing but the best for your company and your company’s success is something a call center seat leasing provider like wishes for each of their clients.

Call center companies as well as their owners often have the option to create and build their own company from scratch and find a place to be. They also have the option of renting a space, lease seats and pay per month. A lot of people would say leasing is much more beneficial in a sense that it helps you take off your business sooner.

So why choose a provider like

  • We pretty much have an all-in one leasing package to cater to any growing demand.
  • With now over 5 years of cumulative work experience and over 10,000+ seats available spread across 5 sites around Metro Cebu: GAGFA Tower, Ayala ACC Tower, JDN IT Center, Block i1 and Ebloc 4 of IT Park, Lahug and our 1st ever site outside of Cebu: Marquee Mall, Clark, Pampanga.
  • For as low as $130 per seat; facilities, equipment, space modifications, cleaning services, internet connection, equipment, technical support and even electricity are provided for you. We continue to outsmart the competitors by developing more beneficial solutions.
  • Extended BPO solutions can be availed such as: Payroll Creation, Recruitment.
  • Basically, if you want your BPO office set up in an orderly fashion, is the right provider for you.

So if you’re seat-leasing, rest assured your company will have the most professional exclusive environment for your business to bloom! We are passionate about office space rental and flexible managed office solutions. With over 100+ office space rental options to choose from across various strategic locations, you can be confident that can offer you the perfect solution for your business needs!


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