Why Cebu’s Call Center Industry Needs BPOSeats.com’s Services

As the expansion of BPO workplaces specially call centers in Cebu are growing in numbers, more workplaces are required to lease by these businesses. With the call center industry as among the most significant factor of local  economy for the previous years, BPO businesses are continuing to grow as they see potential. It also provides a great deal of individuals a chance to grow and establish their capabilities.

BPOSeats.com is a call center office solutions that started in Metro Cebu. The business helps provide their clients the benefit of having the ability to lease on a monthly basis, without sustaining the expenses connected with refurnishing their brand new workplaces and re-installing other needed workplace facilities. With over 10,000 seats established, some of these office spaces are readily available with a cubicle or workplace with 24/7 access, to a bigger workroom that can accommodate bigger personnel. These areas can be perfect for small to medium or larger call centers with either local or international accounts.

So why choose US?

  • We don’t do “shared” floors – we built out exclusive office for our clients
  • With our plug&play setups, you can be operational in 24-hours
  • Our pricing is the MOST COMPETITIVE not just in Cebu but in the whole Philippines
  • We offer flexible options
  • Call center business is something we have been in for nearly 10 years IN CEBU – WE ARE THE EXPERTS WHEN IT COMES TO THIS SERVICE
  • All facilities uses only the highest quality, new technology available
  • Highly experienced and professional employees ready to assist you with your BPO needs
  • Only 1 month security deposit to start operations

If you are interested, don’t hesitate to contact us directly at: amanda@bposeats.com or +639159507909!

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