Ideal Call Center Offices Should Never Be Expensive

Call center companies are always looking out to expand. Seat leasing providers offer plenty of room for other developments instead of spending a fortune on your lease alone. Expand your call center business by getting more seats or renting an entirely brand new office from us. Let us worry about the upkeep, and utility bills while you only pay a low monthly rate starting at $130.

Seat leasing prices start cheap with the following amenities included:

  •  Highly experienced and professional employees ready to execute any BPO Industry need or company culture.
  •  Management and operational team leaders with decades of experience in the BPO industry to head any project successfully.
  •  Office and Seat leasing with only the fastest 100mbps FIBER-OPTIC internet connections from different internet providers to assure the fastest speeds possible and no down time.
  •  All Facilities are BRAND NEW and use only the highest quality, new technology available.

Ideal workspaces for BPOs should never be expensive. Innovative solutions for your growing business can be found in our company. All-in-one package includes the facilities, equipment, space modifications, cleaning services, internet, equipment, technical support and even electricity. Take the best deals out there in leasing.

The costs we charge already includes our basic set-ups with PC’s and 100 mbps rented lines! We invest heavily in our internet connection due to the fact that we understand how essential and critical connectivity is for our clients’ operations.

We also have a maintenance and customer care team to look after any technical concerns clients might be experiencing.

With, you can never go wrong. Lease from 1 to 100 call center seats and you never have to worry about anything again!

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