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Call center seat leasing can be simplified with,  as we now have more than 10000+ seats that you can select from throughout 5 different places in Cebu and 1 in Luzon. The more seats we can have, the more structured and sophisticated your office is going to look like. Whether it’s Seat Leasing, Call Center Office Leasing or BPO Service Providers, we always manage to be the most effective with

We can tailor offices to fit the requirements of our clients based on the number of seats they require and we charge no additional fees! This is a 100% guarantee!

What set us apart compared to others is the customization we bring to different clients. A whole new look is given to each office space being leased. We supply a 24/7 safe access to the said locations in each of our clients along with a 100 mbps fiber optic connection, PEZA accredited facilities and 24/7 IT Support. These services will truly make your company grow and succeed in the fastest, safest possible way.

Why Choose Us

  • Internet already hooked up across redundant providers
  • Our call center office for lease solutions are 24/7 exclusive.
  • Our networks are all configured independent of one another to PCI Compliance spec.
  • All Facilities are BRAND NEW and use only the highest quality, new technology available.
  • Our pricing is the most competitive option in Cebu.’s price starts with 130 dollars per seat. Seat leasing package also includes:

  • 24/7 IT Support
  • Shared Pantries for clients
  • Shared Conference Rooms, Interview Rooms, and Training Rooms.
  • Inclusive Options/custom build-outs available for large clients!  We have existing clients with 500+ seats!

Do not concern yourself from the lots of expenditures in leasing a space by yourself. Join our lineup of call center business taking pleasure in the advantages of renting a work area with us. Get your loan’s worth and provide us a call now!

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