A Seat Leasing Provider That Tackles Real Solutions

BPOSeats.com aims to create the best solution for BPO companies and tackles real solutions especially to those who are in need of facilities and manpower to start. More and more of our BPO companies have entrusted our services as we help them become the prime of their business. Whether you plan to avail 5 or 1000 call center seats, BPOSeats.com provides the best solution for your companies in BPO company, with certified PEZA accredited facilities. Brand new computers are allocated for each seat available. Exclusive office setups are made to make sure you get more productive in your work. We also know how much you value your privacy in the office.

Why Choose Us

  • BPOSeats.com stands as the LARGEST and most innovative space leasing for BPO companies in the Metro.
  • We look after the welfare of your business.
  • Offices we provide are neat, completely geared up, and professionally modified for our clients.
  • All facilities are brand new and use only the highest quality, new technology available.
  • We don’t do “shared” floors – all of our spaces are built out to be exclusive 24/7 managed offices for our clients.
  • Our pricing is the most competitive option that starts at $130 per seat per month.

We help you create an environment where your business will flourish along with the latest technology, custom solutions in work spaces in which a business can never go wrong. As a seat leasing provider, we possess the best quality where we and our clients build our relationship on. We possess FLEXIBILITY. In contracts or ideal workspace, we help you adjust to whatever office ideas you desire here with BPOSeats.com.

With BPOSeats.com, there is indeed no need to waste efforts and time as they help you set up and get started NOW!



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