Flexibility and Custom Solutions In Our Call Center Services

A call center office for lease has become way easier to acquire because of BPOSeats.com. We now have over 10000+ seats that you can choose from across 5 different locations in Cebu and 1 in Luzon area. The more seats we can have, the more you can upscale your company as well.

Bascially, with BPOSeats, we help you create an environment where your business will sustain along with the latest technology, custom-made solutions in work spaces in which a business will experience little to no malfunction. We make sure to keep you up-to-date with the current technology, with 100 mbps internet connection and 24/7 services with the safest environment to work in. As a seat leasing provider, we also possess the best quality where we and our clients build our relationship on. We possess FLEXIBILITY especially in terms of contracts. We do not force BPO companies to engage with us, as we keep our negotiations flexible, which means they do not force long-term contracts. We help you adjust to whatever office ideas you want to incorporate here with BPOSeats.com.

Although we can also assure you that we offer more than just seat leasing. Essential tools and equipment needed for your campaign’s operation are provided.  Privacy is also a major concern for many of our clients. Here in BPOSeats, we also have offices that are NOT SHARED with the other tenants.

What’s more is that BPOSeats.com is more than just a seat leasing company. BPOSeats.com is also a recruitment solution provider. As a recruitment solution provider, BPOseats created a unique recruitment process that could potentially become the next big thing. With a recruitment hub in APM Mall, they conduct the following process including a FILMED INTERVIEW that can be benefited even for future vacancies.

BPOSeats.com cares to invests in your growth, making our terms flexible to make sure we get you your most desired improvement for the company. You get more than what you can actually get!

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