BPOSeats.com offers Conference Rooms and Shared Amenities as well as exclusive build-outs.

The Greatest Advantage In Availing BPOSeats’ Seat Leasing Service

The greatest advantage of this acquiring a seat leasing service especially with BPOSeats.com is that the service is efficient, reliable and it reduces operations issues. The providers have technical assistance or IT Supports to help your workers if they come across an issue with their system. Typically, below are commonly included a seat leasing service:

  • High performance PCs
  • Office Chairs
  • High Speed Web Connection
  • VOIP Devices
  • Cubicles
  • Air Conditioned Rooms
  • Shared Bathrooms
  • Conference/Meeting rooms
  • Backup Generator

With BPOSeats, specific benefits include:

  • 24/7 Exclusive Office: We create unique offices that you can operate privately inside, without being on a “shared” floor with other campaigns or businesses.
  • Prime Locations and PEZA Accredited Facilities
  • Accessibility: Our facilities are very accessible and will have easy access to restaurants, banks, retail, and living options.
  • Competitive Pricing in the Philippines: Our seat leasing rates has become one of the most competitive pricing in the Philippines. Seat starts at $130 per month.
  • 24/7 Technical Support: BPOSeats.com prides itself as having the best technical support in the industry. We offer 24/7 IT assistance to each clients.

It’s never simple to find a seat leasing option that best suits you and your business’s requirement, however with BPOSeats.com we conserved you from all these troubles you need to go through. We ensure you that we provide exactly what’s suitable for your organization and provide you the kind of workplace seat leasing you actually desire.

So, whether it be running a large call center campaign, setting up a custom serviced office or simply renting office, seat leasing, or a call center office BPOseats.com has many flexible options and will always deliver the best services available with the absolute best affordable pricing in the Philippines. CONTACT US TODAY!

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