BPOSeats.com Seat Leasing Stations in Cebu

Cebuanos and The Booming BPO & Seat Leasing Industry in 2020.

Cebuanos are extraordinary individuals to deal with as they are also multilingual. Fortunately, cebuanos can speak, express and understand several languages especially the English language. This also probably why the BPO Industry is booming here in Cebu. BPO companies realized the potential of cebuanos in their industry.

With more BPO companies choosing to put up an office in Cebu means more offices are needed to supply the demand. Luckily, BPOSeats.com is the company that offers it all.

Introducing BPOSeats.com

BPOSeats.com is the LARGEST SEAT LEASING PROVIDER with now over 10,000 seats available spread across 5 prime locations in the area with seats that start at $130 monthly. Aside from having the most affordable cost,  they also have the best locations to put up an office.

Locations include:

  • Ayala Center Cebu Tower, Cebu Business Park Ayala
  • JDN IT Square Center, AS Fortuna St. Banilad Mandaue
  • GAGFA Tower, Panagdait Mabolo
  • i1 Building, Cebu IT Park Lahug
  • eBloc Tower 4, Cebu IT Park Lahug
  • Marquee Mall, Clark Angeles Pampanga (first facility outside of Cebu)

They can basically supply scale and development with their seat leasing options. They can also be versatile and work with each client’s needs. This is why when you are considering opening or expanding a call center in Cebu City, BPOseats.com is the best alternative you should think about.

What is great about the company is they make sure to keep you up-to-date with the current technology and update the equipment, together with 100 mbps internet connection and 24/7 services with the safest, convenient environment to work in. And also they do not force BPO companies to engage with them as they keep their negotiations flexible, which means they do not force long-term contracts.

So if you are looking for the best call center office space provider in Cebu, Choose BPOSeats.com now!



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