Call Center Offices At Prime Locations Within The City.Philippines

So Why should any BPO company choose over the other providers?

  • Leasing options are cost-efficient and gives value for your money – Price starts at $130 per seat.
  • Clients are assured of a flexible term for their stay with the leased office space.
  • Leasing options are made specific to meet every client’s needs.
  • Call center offices right in a prime location in the city.
  • Internet connectivity runs without any glitch as its speeds runs as fast as 100 mbps.
  • Very extremely available both by personal and public transports.
  • Our facilities are surrounded by dining establishments, drug stores, shopping malls, coffee shops, retail and living options.
  • Totally geared up plug and play workstations. can provide scale and growth with their seat leasing and call center office space solutions. They are flexible and can work with each of their clients needs and demands.

Neat and functional office spaces are ready to serve you. It’s only a matter of time before this type of trend will take over the BPO industry. It saves you time and money. Leasing services for call centers doesn’t have to be expensive. Take up one of our leasing packages and experience it for yourself.  Savings are immense and can be set aside for other business needs.

Flexibility and efficiency is guaranteed once you take up a lease in BPOSeats. They prefer having more than just space. Facilities, equipment, space modifications, cleaning services, internet, equipment, technical support and even electricity are provided for a low monthly rate. Facilities are PEZA-accredited. Office spaces can be modified without the extra cost.

Leasing packages are available for clients. Make the right decision. Choose to be part of an innovative company for your leasing needs. Be one of our highly valued clients now!

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