Working With Client’s Needs and Demands in Seat Leasing in Philippines.

With, we offer seat leasing services including  24/7 exclusive office environments and even recruitment solutions. Leasing options are beneficial for the client. Our packages allow you to maximize your resources while enjoying the benefits of having a well-equipped and clean work space. deliver high quality services. Setting up a call center in Cebu can be made possible.

Get the value for your money when you lease with us. Your company can be located in s familiar and accessible places within the city. Tools such as computers and IT support are included in our services. Clients can just focus on the business and gaining profit.

Our services are unlike any other. is now the fastest seat leasing service provider in all of Cebu, with over 5 years of experience. Over 10,000 seats spread across 5 locations around Metro Cebu. Facilities have the fastest internet connection available today. Dual service providers are overseeing our internet facilities. Fast internet connection is made possible by hooking up our systems to dual service providers. Terms for the length for the duration of your lease in flexible. Clients get to decide how long they wish to stay. Forcing you to keep going isn’t exactly how we envision in running our business. Terms are highly flexible. And the number of seats you can avail can range from 5 or even a thousand.

We at can provide scale and growth with their seat leasing solutions. We are flexible and can work with each of our clients needs and demands. That is why when you are thinking of opening or expanding here, is the seat leasing option you should consider.

Set up your call center/BPO business for a low monthly rate $130/seat. Price includes electricity, air conditioning, cleaning services, IT support, office modification, high-end devices and 100 mbps Fibr optic internet connection.

To know more about our services, please do not hesitate to contact and get to know us!

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