Call Center Offices and Agents: Leasing and Working in the BPO Industry in 2020.

A call center is an office that caters to incoming and outgoing calls. They are gathered by a group of representatives who manage calls and keep track of transactions. These companies also use a software to interact with customers and/ or clients around the world. Moreover, these companies are often hired as third party providers by other companies.

While in Cebu, BPO companies are currently rising as so does the need for more agents. With Cebu being one of top destinations for outsourcing, it also means Cebuanos are capable and has talent. Companies like ours, help these companies put up these kinds of businesses from scratch. On the other hand, what do the people in this kind of office do?


Agents are problem solvers that do their best to cater to their customer’s issues. An agent’s day is typically fast-paced and practices multi-tasking in handling their day-to-day responsibilities. An agent such that of a customer service help customers with different issues on the other line. This could be through phone, chat and email. Agents have to be patient. They should also be capable in creating unique and detailed solutions to help effectively. But creating the best customer service experience requires more than just the right answer. It will entail dedication to document and respond properly, exhibit empathy and even report recurring issues.

Realistically, a group of agents that work as a team should make a system that can manage customer service demands. Before an agent becomes one, each of them must understand the details of how a call center works and why this process is effective.

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