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Recruiting The Right Call Center Agents and Curbing Attrition, Rules.

Being a call center agent is a difficult job. It entails a combination of skills, right personality and aptitude. Recruiting agents is also another unique challenge. BPO centers usually have a high turnover, making it difficult and challenging. It is also important to implement the right recruitment strategy. When recruiting agents, there are considerations that need to be looked out for:

  • Financial cost to hire Call Center Agents

First thing to consider is how much is a company willing to pay to hire agents? How much is the salary offer and will it live up to the skills needed? Generally, Small, medium, and large BPO centers all spend the same amount to recruit a new agent.

  • Target time to hire Call Center Agents

Another question recruiters should think about is how much time do you have to fill in the vacancies? Can you meet the target date? Will you be able to meet the expected number of people in this amount of time? This will also depend on what kind of position and service a company does. In financial services, it takes an average of 38 days to fill in a CSR role.

  • Managing Attrition/Less Turnover

To manage attrition and reduce high turnovers, recruiting the right people can be a big contribution. Pre-hiring assessments can help in aligning with the right criteria. They can:

  • Identify candidates who are most likely to succeed on the job;
  • Identify candidates who are most likely to turnover.

Examples of Pre-hire Assessment tests include:

  • Job Knowledge Tests
  • Cognitive-Ability Tests
  • Personality Tests
  • Emotional Intelligence Tests
  • Skill Assessments Tests

Overall, tests are a very useful way of determining qualified and disqualified applicants. However, relying too much on a test is not good as well. The best hiring decisions involve considering many aspects of a candidate’s personality, behavior and skills.

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