BPOSeats.com APM BPO Recruiting Hub

What is BPOSeats.com? It is a seat leasing company with over 4000 call center seats in over 4 locations across Cebu. Call centers/ BPO have become a trend here in the Philippines as the demand for agents have become outpouring.

BPOSeats at the same time, has been pooling potential applicants for companies who are availing of our seat leasing services. BPOSeats have also just recently opened their Recruitment Hub in APM Mall.

This is a great platform for BPO companies who are looking to hire the best talents for their business.

As a seat leasing provider, we strive to become Philippines’ largest BPO seat leasing provider and Recruitment Solutions as we aim to provide or improve the facilities for BPO companies here in the Philippines that it may become highly indispensable and cost- efficient for the business owners.

We also aim to provide quality employees to companies through our Recruitment Hub as we pool applicants for their present and future hiring.

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