Are you planning to start your own business but don’t know where to find an office? Finding the right office with the proper amenities and the right locations plays an important role in success.

Finding your own exclusive dedicated office space is not easy, there are many challenges when it comes to finding the right office space. Like the location, the actual office space, internet speed, tables, chairs, and many more. At the same time, when finding making your own office it comes with a big price tag.

With the help of, we provide you with your own exclusive dedicated office spaces for your business! For the past 7 years, BPOseats has established itself as The Best Seat Leasing and BPO service for any size BPO or Call Centers in the Philippines.

Central Bloc Office 1008 is complete with these facilities:

  • Fiber Optic 100 Mbps
  • 24/7 Admin and IT support
  • Desks
  • Desktop and laptop computers
  • Ergonomic/gaming chairs
  • Spare computer and hardware parts
  • Dedicated drawers
  • Hot&cold dispensers
  • Refrigerators
  • Shared meeting/conference/huddle room
  • Kitchen
  • Cleaning maintenance currently has offices in 7 different locations:

  • Ayala ACC Tower, Cebu city
  • i1 Building 8th floor IT Park, Cebu city
  • eBloc Tower 4 IT Park, Cebu city
  • Central Bloc IT Park, Cebu city
  • GAGFA Tower 15th floor, Cebu city
  • JDN Square IT Center, Mandaue city
  • Marquee Mall, Angeles, Pampanga, Manila (first facility outside Cebu)

Offices are now available and ready for business engagements. Have your office and we’ll serve you the solutions that are well planned and designed to maximize the fullest potential of your business.

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