Cost-efficient and premium call center office in offers its affordable and premium call center offices right at the heart of Cebu, Mandaue, and Pampanga Philippines.

So, if you are planning to expand your BPO solutions here, check its latest call center offices that are still priced reasonably in the most premium location in the country.  

Thanks to the BPO (Business Processing Outsourcing)/Contact Centers, it has produced tremendous employment opportunities and technological advances for most foreign companies and local communities involved.

Many third-party providers, such as real estate and Internet services, have prospered and improved their operations to cope with BPO’s demanding market.

And connecting our world with unique and sustainable technology while providing an incredible opportunity for outstanding talent in emerging countries that are hoping to be discovered.

Affordable & Premium Call Center Offices for Lease in the Philippines

The economic challenges we faced

affordable call center office provider in the Philippines

Outsourcing in India and the Philippines has created unprecedented economic growth revenue and helped improve the skills and education of its human resources.

Through work from home setup and or providing facilities for employees to work and stay in the office has shown the BPO industry its reliability in pursuing our economic activities despite the pandemic.

An excellent collaborative effort from one country to another to produce high-quality products and services at affordable prices.

It would have been very difficult to meet the needs and problems of our customers without the birth of outsourcing.

And thanks to you, as an investor or managing director of a BPO company, you have created an impact and helps save millions of lives for your product or service offered.

Affordable & Premium Call Center Offices for Lease in the Philippines

Your top concern 

Reasonably-priced call center offices in the Philippines

Yet we cannot deny how COVID-19 swept our lives, hope, and resources in just a snap of our fingers.

We sympathize with those precious lives that were struck by the deadly virus.

Physical and mental health and security are the most important things to observe today.

And as we remain firm, we have reassessed our priorities and focus on how we can help our employees and local communities.

Physical distancing and the limited number of employees allowed to work in most BPO companies have resulted in a massive long delay of response to our customers.

This had resulted in poor customer service and could pose serious problems in the future when unable to attend soon.

That’s why some companies now hire more staff and extra office space to accommodate customers who need immediate solutions to their issues.

Affordable & Premium Call Center Offices for Lease in the Philippines

Your Growing Presence in the Call Center Business

Outsourcing for a customer or technical service of various accounts, such as food, banks, telecommunications, data entry processing, accounting and tax compliance, insurance, and education are the most demanded companies to fill today.

Also includes web/app development, content/digital marketing, YouTube video production, graphic design, etc.

Your target consumers rely on your product or service using intelligent technologies that they connect with you 24/7.

And you know when clients are satisfied with your customer service, they are more than happy to promote your product or service to their family and friends for free.

Because now is the perfect time to extend your presence and offer more value and so that your customers will remain faithful to you for longer.

Creating Premium Solutions for your Customers 

Affordable & Premium Call Center Offices for Lease in the Philippines

Like the Tokyo Olympic Games that will take place despite our economic meltdowns, your BPO business will continue to move mountains.

Today most people have adapted to the digital revolution for convenience, health safety, and faster processes.

Whatever you sell today, online shops and customer service centers become frontliners to continue providing the needs and wants of the market.

You see in every problem, there is an opportunity to create a solution your business and employees can work and benefit on.

Your Reliable Business Office 

And as you continue to adapt and thrive in the outsourcing sector, wants to collaborate with your physical office and workforce needs.

BPOSeats’ facilities are PEZA accredited to ensure local and national compliance with safety infrastructure requirements.

low-cost call center provider in the Philippines

With seven (7) facilities located in top cities in the Philippines: a leading BPO/ Contact Center hub in Asia because of its affordable labor and infrastructure costs.

Each call center office for rent of BPOSeats is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities so that your employees can now respond quickly to the needs of your growing customers.

Affordable Call Center Price Packages

Depending on the location and facilities you choose, see our prices on the table here.

  1. Marquee Mall Angeles Pampanga- $150 per seat
  2. JDN Square IT Center, Mandaue City Cebu – $130 per seat
  3. Ayala Center Cebu- $209 per seat
  4. eBloc Tower, IT Park Cebu – $219 per seat
  5. Central Bloc, IT Park Cebu – $199 per seat
  6. I1 Building IT Park Cebu – $189 per seat
  7. Gagfa IT Tower, Cebu City- $140 per seat.

Your All-in-One Solution Provider

Included in our solution:  

  • High-speed internet service connection
  • Light and water
  • Centralized Air-conditioning
  • Brand new workstations, tables, and ergonomic chairs
  • Brand new flat-screen computers with powerful specifications (Windows 10)
  • Shared communal facilities such as conference room, kitchen, pantry, restrooms
  • 24/7 IT and Administrative Support
  • 24/7 Exclusive and Dedicated Office Space
  • 24/7 Reliable Network for Data Privacy
  • 24/7 Closer to Everything (malls, coffee shops, restaurants, hotels, etc)
  • 24/7 Transportation Access
  • 24/7 CCTV & Personnel Security on Duty
  • Human Resources Management Help

BPO Seats solutions in the Philippines

Now, you can accommodate your growing employees with a conducive environment so they can respond more appropriately to your customers.


It is your obligation to close the gap of your product or service offered to your target users.

So your business should continue as there are now more people depending on you.

And with BPOSeats affordable and premium call center offices for rent in the Philippines, you can now continue to create solutions while growing your presence to more customers.


Affordable & Premium Call Center Offices for Lease in the Philippines

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