A Time Tracker for your Remote Team in the Philippines

A Time Tracker for your Remote Team in the Philippines

BPOSeats.com has designed an efficient time tracker system so you can easily track your remote team productivity and accountability wherever they are in the country.

Also features a quicker and accurate payroll computation. 

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Why use a time tracker for your remote team

Whether you’re starting or growing your offshore business, a tool to measure accountability from your remote team members in the Philippines and wherever they are is significant. 

Because, as a business owner, you don’t want to waste the time and resources you have invested on your remote team without them giving back to you their accountability.

A time tracker to measure your remote team productivity

BPOSeats understands the importance of a time tracker to measure your team’s accountability since the tool captures activities from their computer and phone screens, whether they are working from home or office.  

Quickly measure productivity and KPIs (Key Performance Indicator), provide feedback, and send disciplinary procedures because our intelligent time tracking system is your all-in-one-employee accountability tool.

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Hence, the use of time tracker technology offers you more value in managing your offshore teams.

An innovative tool to help your remote teams and business create better decisions, quantify the results of your project goals, and discover more opportunities to scale and grow.

More unique features of BPOSeats time tracker system

A Time Tracker for your Remote Team in the Philippines

Time and resources efficiency have always been the core values of a time tracker system. 

And because you choose to innovate, BPOSeats time tracker supports your business goals of sustainability and efficiency. 

Your team has quick access to his/ her daily working tasks, productivity report, and employment information.

  • Total hours’ work today
  • Hourly wage
  • Today’s earnings
  • Shift schedule
  • View current and previous payroll periods
  • List of assigned tasks
  • Can receive and view notifications from the HR department
  • Employees can change a time log issue, subject to HR approval

Setting / Configuration of your time tracker

  • Restrict unproductive websites
  • Track mouse and keyboard presses
  • Track apps and websites
  • Collect random screenshots

Installation of the time tracker application

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Mac

The time tracker system also stores 201 files of your employees. 

Includes mandatory government documentation: PhilHealth, SSS, Pag-Ibig, HMO, leave credits, recorded interviews, among others.

So no more bulky paper works to handle!

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Time tracking system and your payroll solution in one tool

Time tracking system and your payroll solution in one tool

BPOSeats time tracking system integrates with a payroll suite solution where your Payroll/ HR staff no longer need to compute payroll by hand.

The time tracker computes itself from the total work hours to employees’ hourly and or monthly salary.

Logging in to the tracker is the first step for your remote team working hours to get paid.

And they can view a copy of their pay slip through the time tracker system.


A Time Tracker for your Remote Team in the Philippines

Your offshore team may be distributed to other parts of the Philippines.

Thus, a single tool to help you track their working hours and accountability is your priority.

While giving your remote team flexibility, we must also hold them accountable to meet the deadlines of your project goals. 

A powerful tool to help you measure your team’s loyalty and accountability is through this time tracking technology.

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