If you are new to the BPO industry it is important to understand and factor in the costs of establishing your own actual office. Most commercial real estate buildings require massive amounts of deposits and advance payments, and that cost only covers the initial take up of the space. The construction costs as well as installing of air-cons have not been factored into the equation yet and I have not even mentioned computer costs, office chairs etc. and the installation of the internet! I know, Its pretty overwhelming.

With all of the details I have mentioned above, here is why Seat Leasing makes more sense to get your operations started at a fraction of the cost it would take to rent and fit out your own office. Computers are already set-up and connected to the internet, depending on where you decide to lease from the Mbps connection differs. You have a furnished office ready to be occupied right away! Electricity, water and Internet costs are already included in the price per seat. Which means your costs are fixed. If you decide to work with and lease from bposeats.com we provide the fastest internet connections with 100 Mbps Fibr optic internet as our main line and 100 Mbps Fibr internet as our back up line! We are very transparent and encourage our clients to do speed-tests before they get started just to show how confident we are in our connections!

And on top of having great internet we provide exclusive offices to each of our clients, meaning you are not placed in a shared office! Its basically like having your own office but not costing you as much as it would if you were to rent out your own bare space and have to do a whole lot of work on construction and all. I am sure you get what I am trying to say. The terms being offered are very reasonable and fair and the customer service is reliable and efficient.

The point of this blog is to make entrepreneurs and business owners that are looking to start their own BPO’s understand that there are more options out there and that Seat leasing or managed offices might be the best option for you!