The best place to start your BPO is the most adorable city in the Philippines, Cebu City. there are thousands of reasons why you should start seat leasing in Cebu city and as much as we would like to point out each one there’s just to many, so let’s start with a few good reasons why you should set up your BPO here.

Beaches – you are only a few hours away from so many beautiful beaches. stressed from work? drive to the beach every weekend and be back just in time. without having to be a way from work for too long. while some need to file for leave and travel far away in the city you are close to a number of destinations that can remove stress from the day to day hustle and bustle esp in the BPO industry.

The People – Aside from the fact that Cebuanos are awesome people to work with they are also multilingual. A majority of the people you meet in this city work in or with the BPO industry .

What makes the most competitive. We are spread over four locations. need to relocate to better suit your employees needs? then you have a choice the is spread out over the city.


  • Mabolo
  • Cebu Business Park
  • A.s Fortuna Mandaue, city
  • ¬†Capitol, near Fuente Osmena

We start at $99 per seat aside from having the lowest price we also have the best facilities when it comes seat leasing. and there is more we custom build to your specifications – Mangers room, HR room, a Conference/ Training room. and you get 24/7 access. too good to be true? that is what most of our clients thought until they came and decided to take advantage of our services and have been with us ever since we started. Come and join us and never have to worry about seat leasing anywhere else!

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