Cebu Business Park is the best BPO location in Cebu

If you didn’t know, the best location in Cebu for BPOs is Cebu Business Park.  It is more commonly known as Ayala area and it’s where the flag location of is located.  We have 2700 square meter and

Cebu Business Park Seat Leasing Option
Cebu Business Park Seat Leasing Option

1500+ seats in ACC Tower Ayala. has great customized exclusive managed offices in Cebu Business Park.  Our seats are ultimately the best option and most competitively priced in Cebu.  Our seats in Ayala ACC Tower begin at $225.00 per seat, per month.

Ayala ACC Tower is the #1 Location inside of Cebu Business Park

It doesn’t get any better than Ayala ACC Tower in Cebu.  It is literally ABOVE Ayala.  And with 1500+ seats available, and over 50+ exclusive 24/7 dedicated office locations for you to choose, this is the right choice for your business.  Our rooms range from 6 seats, up to 600+ in our Ayala ACC Tower.

All offices come with computers.  All offices come with RISE Internet as primary option and PLDT FIBR as a backup solution.  Unlike our competitors, all our offices are 24/7 exclusive access.  These are not shared environments or spaces, so you won’t be in a “shift.”

With prices beginning at $225.00 a seat, there is absolutely no reason to not make your #1 stop for all your BPO needs.  For large clients we actually can build out completely customized floor-plans for your BPO operations.  This means we can add amenities like inclusive training room, inclusive management room, inclusive IT room.  At the core of is a desire to follow the PCI Compliance specs so that your business growth has no limit.

We encourage you to reach out and contact us and see all the solutions that has for you.  This can begin with a phone call directly to our CEO, Amanda.  She is available to help you get started anytime, give her a ring: +63(0)9159507909.

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