Ayala ACC Tower – BPOSeats.com Premium Location in Cebu Business Park

There is little doubt that Ayala is the center of Cebu.  While some might thing IT Park is the most prestigious location, momentum has shifted to Cebu Business Park.  IT Park is now synonymous with traffic.  Agents are frustrated with the jeepney wait to get into the park.  Business owners are increasingly frustrated at the “poaching” going on in the area.  And EVERYONE is tired of not being able to park.

Cebu Business Park is the indisputable new premier location of Cebu.  And Ayala ACC Tower is the jewel.  Ayala ACC Tower is a new build directly on top of Ayala (it is literally above the H&M entrance.)  It is just recently opened and a beautiful building with lots of windows and best views of Cebu.  But let’s look at this from a business-standpoint:

  • Ayala ACC Tower is literally across the road from the Ayala PUJ (jeepney) stop.  It’s the biggest public transportation terminal in the area and the walk from the terminal to the front of Ayala ACC Tower can be done in less than 1 minute.
  • A MASSIVE offering of food locations and mall convenience.  You don’t need to look hard to find the top notch places to eat in Cebu, whether you’re the owner, client, or agent.
  • Hotels and accommodations.  Marriott Hotel is actually connected to Ayala, meaning your clients will have the best hotel to stay on their trip to Cebu.
  • We have unlimited parking to offer in Ayala for agents and clients.

BPOSeats.com has 2700+ square meters of space in Ayala ACC Tower.  Our 24/7 managed office solutions are available now at incredible pricing.  We have packaged the best facility in Cebu, with the best exclusive office floor plans, and the best Internet to bring you an all-in managed office solution.  Our pricing includes everything (CPU, internet, electricity, aircon) and begins at $225 a seat.  Contact us now to see what we can offer you!

Start your outsourcing business in Cebu today with BPOSeats.com.

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