Philippines as a BPO location

Outsourcing to another country has become common strategy for businesses due to lesser costs and higher productivity. The choice for BPO location mainly depending on quality, talent pool, reliability, cost and stability. A lot of countries offer good services. However, the Philippines as a BPO location, on the other hand, is a force to reckon with due to its better understanding and connection to Western and Australian systems.

Cultural Compatibility and Available Workforce

Being a US-governed state for almost 50 years from 1899 to 1946, the country has since then adapted to Western culture. This makes the country more culturally compatible with English speaking countries. Even the Philippine government has a somewhat similar system to that of the US.

Filipinos has better English quality and accent neutrality. Filipinos communicate clearer compared to its counterparts as English is used as the country’s primary language for business and education. With a high functional literacy rate of 90 % and available basic education to the entire population, BPO firms are certainly able to acquire an effective workforce.

Development of the Industry in the Country

BPOs enjoy low operational costs and sophisticated business delivery services. Businesses are also assured that the country is also investing heavily on developing and upgrading infrastructure and internet connectivity in order to sustain current BPO developments.

BPO concentration not only has been focused in Metro Manila, but also in other major cities such as Cebu, Iloilo and Davao, making the market more available and diverse.

Emphasis of the Government Support to BPO Companies

More importantly, the Philippine government has also made it a point to highlight the importance of the Philippine outsourcing industry.  The BPO industry is one of the 10 high potential and priority development areas within the Philippine Development Plan. To entice investors, businesses enjoy incentives such as 4-year or 8-year income tax holidays and tax exemptions. The country also set up special economic zones. This and other government efforts ensure the country remains a top worthwhile and productive BPO investment choice. That is why companies are more comfortable doing business in the country.

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