BPOSeats.com Seat Leasing in Cebu (GAGFA Tower)

BPO Seats is what we do best at BPOSeats.com – with over 4000+ seats in Cebu!

While we specialize in BPO seats, it doesn’t mean we’re a shared office environment.  We just are passionate about BPO, and that means providing all the solutions for a BPO to grow and be successful.  So we don’t just do seats.  BPOSeats.com offers :

  • Customized office space.
  • Custom BPO floors and layouts.
  • Short term rental of exclusive office facilities (we have over 100!)
  • Long term outsourcing solutions for major clients who need us to handle payroll, facility management, and IT support.
  • Startup short-term plans and terms, allowing your business to scale quickly.

    BPOSeats.com Seat Leasing in Cebu (GAGFA Tower)
    BPOSeats.com Seat Leasing in Cebu (GAGFA Tower)

With over 4000 BPO Seats in Cebu, we really are the indisputable expert of Cebu BPO operations.  We are happy to work with clients to provide our expertise to make sure your business grows and scales to the success-levels you demand.

Don’t you want a world-class facility?

Because our facilities have large square-meter footprints, we actually put in the top-notch amenities and services that come with economy of scale.  We put in top-notch Internet from the best providers in Cebu.  We are APNIC registered, meaning we represent ourselves as an independent ISP and assign allocated static IP pools to all our clients.  We purchase and expertly maintain the best routers and switches in the business.  Overall, when you deal with an operation of our size, you’re getting a level of service and expertise that most businesses NEED but don’t have the understanding to source for themselves.  We take the guess-work out of the process of beginning operations, meaning you can essentially begin your plug&play operations on demand.  In the end you will have more time to focus on running your business, and developing your business model.

Let BPOSeats.com show you how much more we can offer beyond just BPO Seats.

It just takes one phone call to understand why we are so much better than our competitors.  We suggest you fill out our CONTACT US form, or give us a call directly +63(0)9159507909.

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