BPO Careers - Cebu, Philippines

Plug & Play Office Solutions in Cebu

You might not be aware, but renting “office space” in Cebu can be tedious.  It certain isn’t plug & play.

BPO Careers - Cebu, Philippines
BPO Careers – Cebu, Philippines

Often the space comes “bare.”  This means no electrical, no aircon, no floors, no ceilings.  You might think construction is cheap in the Philippines; however, the cost of the materials are not.  This means you end up paying a lot more to build out then you would expect.  Even if you have your own construction crew, a lot of building owners don’t make it easy to build.

  • Daily Permits.
  • No service elevator usage.
  • Construction only allowed during specific hours.
  • Angry “guards” who create delay.

If you don’t know what the above bullet-points mean, its because you have never built out an office in Cebu.  Be prepared for significant delays.

At BPOSeats.com, we know about the pain of build out.  We are onto our fourth building.  Before we lease a space we have long conversations with the building owners about pain-points we have experienced.  Despite our expertise, we still are often delayed due to the inflexibility of the building owners in Cebu.  Typically a space will take ~6months to build out.  Sometimes it can be longer if local ISPs are not granted permission to install.

This is why Plug & Play Solutions are so Popular in Cebu

We can get your operation up and running within 24 hours.  We can scale your business for the expansion of sudden campaigns that come on without much notice.  The flexibility we offer is clear: 4000+ seats, 100+ exclusive rooms, 4 facilities in Cebu.  We’re here to make sure you don’t need to go through the difficulties of build out.  With our extremely flexible terms, you’ll also save considerable capital, allowing your business to get off to a strong start and ensure the growth you project.

Please do not hesitate to contact us and get started with your custom plug & play office solutions in Cebu today.

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