A few reasons to not open a call center  office  in I.T park.

We all want to be where everybody is. Well at least a majority of companies do when picking out an office we always consider what is best for the company and the employees. here are a reasons why we strongly suggest you stay way from i.t park if you are looking to start your own bpo.

  1. The parking fees have insanely skyrocketed! yes they are ridiculously expensive the going rate to park for the first for four hours is Php 50 about $1. A lot of call center employees who live far from the city and are using their cars/motorcycles will complain about this and it takes a huge cut out of their salary taking care of parking while they still have to worry about gas.
  2. Traffic – due to the amount of cars now running in the city, traffic around that area is very heavy during peak hours which starts at around 5 pm to 11 pm. when you are travelling to work you will get caught in traffic and find out that you spent more time travelling just to get to work and from work. depending on the shift you have.
  3. Congested – Not only is it hard to find parking and expensive. to many call centers/ BPO are there. this could mean 15 min breaks or smoke breaks are cut short or even almost impossible to take due to elevator traffic.
  4. overpriced office spaces/seats- If you haven’t made a few calls yet i suggest you do. Look around and ask around they have the highest prices on the market and you are looking at shared seats. Exclusive office space is another story the price tag on that is even more. this isn’t the best choice for small BPO/call centers or even medium sized companies that are looking to lease.


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