Setting up a private office space can be tough and means a lot of work. it starts by getting  a client to who wants to outsource then when you lock that in you will then have to find the man power to match the task at hand.from there you go into recruiting hopefully get lucky and find the cream of the crop. once you have these two then all you need is commitment from both parties. setting up a private office space isn’t a walk in the park.

after that is settled you can now then look at space which leave you with two choices you can start from scratch build your own office. however this means a huge capital outplay and isn’t advisable for start ups even with investors ready to jump in and give you the financial support you need it wouldn’t be very smart to and build an office without a guarantee of it being occupied.



Because as we all know the industry thou proven, can sometimes leave us in difficult financial situations. the alternative on the other hand is to lock at seat leasing when starting your own call center this is by far the most effecient way financially. That is where we come in – bposeats.com when it comes to starting your own call center we make life easier for you more options that is worth every penny you spend.  the next question is who is bposeats.com – we are a seat leasing company with over 4000 seats pread accross the city in 4 different locations so relocating clients or employees makes it a lot easier and more convenient. We custom build offices to taylor fit your needs, from a conference room to amanagers room, training room even your own sleeping room we can do it for you when you start your own call center with us. we provide exclusive offices and shared office depending on that you are looking to do as a company.

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