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CEBU: An Outsourcing Heaven on the rise

On the way to the top

Cebu City is one of the top outsourcing destinations in the world. This was based on a recent study by Tholons, a full-service Strategic Advisory firm. The ranking used six general categories: available workforce, business catalysts, costs, infrastructure, risk profile and quality of life.

The growth of Cebu’s BPO sector has been attributed to the region’s support to the industry. Applicants see the outsourcing field as a prime choice for establishing a career. The government also extends intensive support and development to the outsourcing industry.

Top Players

Among the biggest BPO players that trust Cebu are JP Morgan Chase and QBE. It is also the home of the world’s renowned IT firms and outsourcing giants such as Wipro, IBM, Lexmark and Accenture.


BPO services were previously more focused on call center agents / call services.  Now, firms has also entrust other skills such as animation, software programming, accounting, legal services, medical transcriptions, human resources, writing, training, among others.


To date, there are over 120,000 BPO workers in the metro. Every year, Cebu produces at least 23,000 college graduates. Cebu is also surrounded with nearby provinces that are producing quality graduates. These graduates are fit for different outsourcing roles such as software development, medical transcription, accounting and legal outsourcing.


Developers invest heavily on continuously building better IT and infrastructure facilities. This is to attract the world’s largest companies to locate here.

The Shift

Cebu is the second biggest BPO destination outside Metro Manila. However, with the advantages and fresher market Cebu offers, large Metro Manila-based BPOs are now establishing operations in Cebu as back-up offices.

Set up your business in Cebu

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