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Time is of the essence when setting up a business. Therefore, with the obvious demand for more efficient and effective process of setting up a BPO businesses, BPOSeats has come up with a very useful innovation that will surely make BPO recruitment way more easy and way less challenging.

Traditional Recruitment

Another big task when starting up a BPO is to look for outstanding people to run the business. The growth of the company relies mainly on the quality of employees that the business hires.

With the traditional set up, the process is painstaking. Ads have to be ran, CVs have to be sorted and people have to be interviewed face to face.

Another way is to register to a job site, sort CVs, headhunt people and set up interviews.

Another option is to have an agency do the work, which may be less of a hassle. However, why not have the first look at the set of candidates that an agency presents?

An innovation to Recruitment

Cebu Business Park BPOSeats.com Seat Leasing Option
Cebu Business Park BPOSeats.com Seat Leasing Option

As a leading seat leasing company, BPOSeats understands the recruitment challenge when setting up a business. Having grown to more than 4,000 seats in just 4 years, the company realizes there is a big demand for BPO workers. BPOSeats also understands the difficulty of acquiring outstanding applicants.

With these in mind, BPOSeats have come up with a service that tailors entirely to recruitment. With this new innovation, applicants are invited to film their interviews. Important generic questions are asked during the interviews to obtain necessary information and assess their communication skills.

A qualified recruitment professional evaluates the filmed interviews. Clients can sign up and easily access the database. Clients can view the filmed interviews and BPOSeats HR evaluations for each profile. Once the desired applicants are chosen, clients can request to schedule the interviews. Our recruitment team will arrange for the interviews to happen.

We aim for less hassle and optimum BPO recruitment solution.

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