BPOSeats.com is the #1 choice for the largest Cebu seat leasing clients, including seasonal clients.

Most facilities in Cebu don’t even have the space to accommodate large clients.  That isn’t a problem with BPOSeats.com.  We have 100+ rooms, 4000+ workstations, across 4 facilities.

We do seasonal campaigns!

Got a campaign that’s only going to be for a specific time?  We can handle it at BPOSeats.com, meaning when the Holiday season relevant to your campaign raises, so can your seat-total.  We don’t need to lock people in for year long leases.  We work with all campaigns to put together the office infrastructure they need to be succcesful.

Exclusive 24/7 Space for Cebu Seat Leasing with PCI Compliance

Some campaigns demand PCI Compliance and BPOSeats.com facilities are build around the core requirements for your operations to be PCI Compliant.  The most important thing to remember is our seat leasing facilities are 24/7 exclusive space – this is not a shared environment.  It’s impossible to run a PCI Compliant campaign in a shared environment.  You can’t have people not affiliated with the campaign on the operation floor.  You will need dedicated exclusive space.  This is what BPOSeats.com specializes in.  With over 100 offices to choose from, we can accommodate clients from 5 seats to 500+.

PCI Compliance Builds

We specialize in building out facilities where you can thrive, and this means PCI Compliance is at the core of how we build environments.  We have several PCI Compliant clients running successfully and help you to layout your floor plan to achieve the success you need.  This means CCTV, training rooms wherein people don’t walk through operations, IT Rooms wherein information can not be seen by agents.  The list of requirements is long, but if you startoff with the wrong floor-plan, it can be impossible.  Trust in BPOSeats.com to bring you the floor plan and strategy to make your build a success and get you the PCI Compliance you need.

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