Seat Leasing Cebu there is only 1 Option –

They say a picture says a thousand words, so what does a video do?  One thing is for clear, at we are the seat leasing Cebu leader.  We have 4000+ seats across 4 locations and we’re not done growing yet!  We offer the country’s best recruitment technology and capability.  We have a full time recruiting hub in APM Mall Cebu that means we aren’t just the seat leasing Cebu leader, we are also the BPO leader.  Checkout the video quickly:



With, you get more than just seats

We don’t stop at just providing you seats, we go the extra mile.  All our clients can avail of our full package of solutions, which means:

  • The best Internet setup in the Philippines
  • Full APNIC registration, meaning we can handle sophisticated networking configurations
  • Full recruitment hub facility where we interview 100s of people a week to line up the perfect candidates to run your campaign flawlessly
  • 24/7 operations – we invite our clients to partake in exclusive 24/7 facilities.  We aren’t closed on the weekend.  We don’t do shared space.  And we don’t “shift” your computers.

With, we work with you to prepare you for success and allow us to handle the elements we’re most experienced with.  We provide a world-class facility and lineup prospective agents to get you started fast.  But we don’t just end there.  Because of our recruitment hub, you will also have access to more than just working with the seat leasing Cebu leader.  We will provide YOUR own leaders by introducing you to:

  1. Operations Managers

    BPO Careers - Cebu, Philippines
    BPO Careers – Cebu, Philippines
  2. HR Managers
  3. IT Management
  4. Team Leaders & Supervisors

We have diverse experience across 100s of campaigns.  We work with you to setup the perfect candidates so your business will thrive.  For those interested, we also do full payroll solutions so you don’t need to worry about the corporate setup of the Philippines.

So what are you waiting for?  You can get started today with


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